MSG91 WooCommerce Plugin

Mobile Verification through OTP and Order Notifications.

WooCommerce is a free plugin available for WordPress which helps in converting your website into a Ecommerce Store. This plugin helps in extending the functionality of the WooCommerce plugin by verifying your customer’s Mobile number and sending them updates of the order on their phone. This plugin uses MSG91 as SMS gateway. After installing this Plugin you only need to get your API key from MSG91 to start sending your SMSs.

This Plugin is fully Customizable.

It provides you with many options like.

  1. Login/Signup using only Mobile.
  2. Verifying Mobile during Signup.
  3. Custom Sender Id
  4. Selecting the Route for sending the SMSs.
  5. Selecting particular SMSs to be sent.
  6. Owner Message during order creation.
  7. Customer Message on Order Creation.
  8. Customer Message on Order status On-Hold.
  9. Customer Message on Order status Processing.
  10. Customer Message on Order status Completion.
  11. Customer Message on Order status Refunded.
  12. Customer Message on Order status Cancelled.
  13. Customer Message on adding New Customer Note to the order.
  14. Messages can be customized using personal custom message.
  15. Variety of variables available to provide more personal feel.

Installing the Plugin:

  1. Download the Plugin.
  2. Install the Plugin by uploading it to the Plugins Section.
  3. Go to Settings >> SMS Settings.
  4. Change the Settings as per your flexibility and enter your API key generated from MSG91.
  5. Use Shortcode [twy_form_msg91_login_signup] to generate Login/Signup Form.

Downloading the Plugin:

You can buy this Plugin for Rs. 1,500/- by paying the amount here and get 5000 SMS credits for free*.


  1. Mobile Validation through OTP on Registration Form. Click Here
  2. Login/Signup using OTP through a Shortcode. Click Here


MSG91 WooCommerce Plugin - Documentation.pdf


Get 5000 SMS Credits for free*.

* Only for New MSG91 Users.


You can contact at in case of any type of support.

Terms and Conditions:

The Plugin is only valid for one (single) store/website per purchase. Using it on multiple websites/stores under single Purchase is ill legal.

Refund Policy:

The Plugin is non-refundable and no refund will be issued in any case.